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Podfic of [personal profile] heather_mist's Make It (High) Noon.

Fandom: Aubrey-Maturin series
Rating: G
Pairing: Gen
Characters: Father Sam, Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin, Bonden, Killick, OC's.
Length: ~18 minutes
Format: mp3

Summary: Father Sam attempts to describe an adventure in a style that his father, Captain Aubrey, can understand.

Listen online or download.

original text: Make It (High) Noon
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Hello! I think I have been silent since about last year's scavenger hunt, but you are all so abnosome you will forgive me and help the team out again, right? Ferox and CJ are on the same team.

I created a cookie recipe (easy, no-bake, and DELICIOUS!) on and need at least 20 people to give it a 5-star review.

I don't think it will show up in searches so you have to use the link below:
chocolate coconut oat cookies: no-bake vegan

Please create an account and give my Dinomite's Fluffy Bites recipe a 5 stars review.

Also tell everyone you know to do the same thing. Especially if they like chocolate coconut cookies that are no-bake and vegan :-)

(When creating your account, take note of the email subscriptions they default you to. If you don't want the emails, you can go to settings - account to remove them.)
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A six by six double wedding ring quilt top.

RL Bingo

Jan. 14th, 2015 08:43 am
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Snagging an Accomplishments Bingo meme from [personal profile] luzula
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It is that ABNOSOME FANTABULOUSO time of year again

time to

<3 <3 <3 GISHWHES! <3 <3 <3

(whether you want to or not)

The time when we do ridic things and
Ask our friends to help with ridic things!

This year's ridic thing it to

FOLLOW the TWITTER feed @TheOr1andoJones

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Title: Juerga
Authors: [personal profile] alltoseek, [personal profile] alcyone301
Fandom: Master and Commander
Pairings: Jack/Stephen; Jack/Sophie
Rating: Mature
Beta: [personal profile] feroxargentea
Word Count: about 18K
Disclaimer: The Aubrey-Maturin series belongs to Patrick O'Brian and his heirs; this AU is the invention of [ profile] astolat. In one scene a few sentences are lifted directly from POB's Post Captain; I lay claim to nothing.

Summary: A sequel to astolat's Duende. Peace has broken out. Captain Jack Aubrey and his swordmaster Stephen Maturin are residing in the English countryside, where they meet the ladies of neighbouring Mapes Court, including Miss Sophie Williams and her swordmistress Diana Villiers.

Juerga )
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I made an Aubreyad fandom quilt for a friend.
Pics under the cut! )
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Greetings All!

The Small Fandom Big Bang over on LJ needs more artists to sign up! Currently they have about 12 artists for about 60 writers. Whatever your level of skill in art or graphics of any kind, I encourage you to consider signing up, if you have any interest in encouraging more fic in small fandoms.

The sign up is here.

A list of fandoms being written is here.


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate
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Hello All!

Ferox and I are participating in GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

This year, one item is to create a Twitter account and get 200 folks to follow it. Would you be willing to help us out? Easy and painless!

If you don't already have a twitter account (I didn't) they are as easy to create as DW accounts. Easier, even :-)

The Hunt this year is truly ABNOSOME!

Thanks so much!

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Day 12: Rec three fanworks as an intro to your fandom.

Yeah, OK, you are all already into Aubreyad, but if you ever need to convince anyone why, here you go.

1. [community profile] mandc_read Our little book club :-) The first thread of the first post of the first chapter of the first book of the first read. And it just keeps getting better :D :D :D

2. All of diane_c's Aubreyad ficlets, most of which start from lines taken from the series, and then fill in the gaps in such a marvelous way. Likely found the bits on POB's editor's cutting-room floor *g*

3. One of her fics, "Sea Legs", was put into comic form by that treasure, steampunk_girl. After viewing the comic, check out all her Aubreyad fanart.
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I am way behind, because this one was impossible. I don't even know where to begin in Aubreyad, and that is a much smaller fandom. But y'all are already in it, so you know, anyway. So I decided to see if I could find a few Sherlock fics that might lure you into testing the waters. Or amuse you for a few minutes, anyway :-) At least show you why I like it.
Sherlock )
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Day 11: Yeah, yeah I did this already, but I think I did it wrong. So here it is again, with less of me yakking and more of the bits of original canon.

This post, including gif set from the pilot, explains better than I ever could the delight of the relationship between Sherlock and John in the BBC series. Nice and short and pretty so check it out :D
Aubreyad )
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Day 11 asks us to share our squee for our fandom, why we are so enraptured of it.

ETA: Favourite parts of canon at this post.
Aubreyad )
Sherlock )
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Day 10 asks us to rec a fellow fan's entire body of work. Well, again here in Aubreyad we all know each other already, so it will come as no surprise that I can and will whole-heartedly recommend everything written by [personal profile] feroxargentea and [personal profile] heather_mist. I appreciate them both not only for their delightful fic, but their enthusiastic participation in the read. Our little book club would be a much sadder and lonelier place without them!

In Sherlock fandom, I would recommend any and all fic by bendingsignpost and irisbleufic, for anyone interested in delving into well-written, thoughtful and engaging fic in that fandom.
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Day 8: Fandom Goals

Hoo boy, do I have plenty of them!

In no particular order:

1. Run a fic meme (need to ask folks which of the half-dozen ideas I have they'd like to do. Also need to coordinate with [personal profile] sharpiefan so our fic challenges don't clash :-)

2. Finish updating mandc_library

3. Create a vid

4. Record a podfic DONE! :D

5. Finish some of those damn WIPs! Specifically, TWTUD sequel. "The World Inside Out" completed (exactly a year from the date of this post), only about 50 more WIPs to finish... :P

Anybody got anything else for me? I'm sure I'm forgetting something :D
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Day 4's challenge was to create a fandom wishlist. Well, mine's no secret, I prompt for this stuff every chance I get *g*

All Aubreyad:
1. Fanart of Jack Aubrey that reflects all the scars and other wounds on his face, and what remains of his ears ;-) Most art makes him look too pretty - so sorry to say! He is supposed to be good-looking, despite the scars I suppose, although no Adonis, and a cheerful open face made for smiling :-) I do appreciate the artists who make him on the generously-sized side ;-)

What would be wonderful is a portrait in the style of the period, maybe something Sophie commissioned and made him sit still for *g* Though I suppose a portrait like that would typically be full length, and I'm most interested in his face.

2. More fic about the women and girls in the series, especially ones from their POV.

3. Someone to babysit my kids, so I have more time for fannish activities :D

(I can't think of a single thing needed in the already ginourmous Sherlock fandom that I couldn't just do myself anyway, if I wanted it that bad :-)

Day 5's challenge is to branch out in fandom to areas you don't consume - genres or pairings or whatnot. Well, I'm already a pretty voracious consumer of fanworks of all types, but am planning to start listening to podfic, and even record one! So there! :-) And if I do manage to make the podfic, it will be a wish granted to Day 4 post, so how 'bout that? :D
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The Fandom Snowflake Day 3 Challenge is to introduce yourself to someone in fandom you haven't already friended. Thing is, I'm not that shy about friending folks. I think I've got all the Aubreyad friends I know about who are on DW, but I certainly could be wrong. As for Sherlock fandom, I have only a few friends on DW that I knew about from LJ.

Does anyone in my 'circle' know someone I should know? In either Aubreyad or Sherlock fandom, or just someone awesome that everyone should know :-)
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It's still Day 2 here in the wilds of the Pac NW, just barely, my days are crazy.

Recs as per Snowflake Fandom Challenge Day 2.

In Aubreyad fandom I give thanks to two recent fic-writing additions to our community, [personal profile] josbanks here on DW and renaiya880727 over at LJ. To me they both capture the voice and dialogue and spirit of the Aubreyad wonderfully, helping explicate and navigate the complexities of emotion and plot that POB weaves. They have been remarkably prolific, writing oakum to fill in so many of the gaps in the series. And neither are done yet! What a delight they have been; every week more fic to enjoy :D

Sherlock fandom is so huge it is easy to overlook many gems by writers who for whatever reason do not get the attention they deserve. I can't even identify all those who should be read more than they are. I will limit myself to two who always come to the top of my mind.

parachute_silks: I especially enjoyed Rhyme, a very long and thorough case!fic mixed with some lovely angsty UST (my favourite combo :-) Currently also at work on Names for the Galaxy, a very intriguing futuristic space AU, still a WIP. Zie can take a long time to complete WIPS (Rhyme took 18 mos, maybe?) but they are worth the wait! Since zie completed at least two very long WIPs, I remain confident this one will be completed too :-)

Also thoroughly delightful is the WIP(?) Tell New Weather, which is both ACD and BBC. Moriarty explores a number of parallel universes, but can't get away from Holmes no matter where he goes! Worth reading for this part alone:
At that moment the door of a room across the hall opened and a man with luxuriant shoulder-length black hair strode out of the room. His imperious expression should have been rendered ridiculous by the fact that he was wearing something that reminded Moriarty an awful lot of a woman’s corset and a skirt made of swishing tin spikes. Somehow, it wasn’t.

‘Don’t be an idiot,’ he was calling back into the room. ‘They’re no threat.’

At this moment, two men, one in a fairly respectable looking suit and the other in what would have been a respectable looking suit if its skirt had been replaced with trousers, stepped out.

‘Sherlock Holmes,’ one said, extending his hand.

The man in the corset shook it. Moriarty closed his eyes, then opened them again, but the scene remained distressingly identical.

Everything after that happened very fast. One of the men drew a gun, and was evidently about to shoot Holmes when a woman in a wheelchair suddenly came hurtling out of the room, her one hand holding a gun of her own. She fired it without any apparent hesitation or compunction, and the would-be assassin dropped to the floor. The other man glanced at her once, then bolted.

‘Told you so,’ the woman said cheerfully.

Holmes looked half-disgruntled, half-admiring. ‘Fine,’ he murmured. ‘That was impressive. You didn’t even have a second to aim.’

‘This new gun’s brilliant,’ the woman said. ‘Much less recoil than I’m used to, and easy to fire one-handed.’

‘No gun’s easy to fire one-handed,’ Holmes said, rolling his eyes. ‘You’re just an absurdly good shot.’

For complete list of parachute_silk's Sherlock fics and links to all the parts, check the masterlist.

Finally, I will rec unsentimentalf. Her work is on the darkish side, explores Moriarty quite a bit, mostly in relationship to Sherlock. Very Sherlock-y, very intriguing. And I love her AU's. Or are they AU's? Thoughtful, almost philosophical. A pleasure to read.

As a bonus, I lured her into reading the Aubreyad and she loves it! Has even written a fic, well worth your time to read: The Broken Lock.

OK, well, didn't quite manage to post this on Day 2, but at least it's done! Now good read and enjoy! :D
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For the Fandom Snowflake Challenge, because obviously I am not some kind of self-pimping whore, not at all.

I'm supposed to rec three of my fanworks, but how can I do that? Limited to just three? All my babies are precious! *g*

So OK, I will rec three Aubreyad fics and three Sherlock fics :D

Master and Commander

1. Transactions

The first fanfic I ever wrote :-) Unbeta'd - had no beta at them time, being a complete lurker when I wrote it. Although it could certainly stand improvement, I think it still holds up pretty well. As I had been immersed in the series for years at the time, I think I captured their voices as well as I ever have.

2. The Crack House

As in Transactions, what I dislike the most is the title :P I suck at titles. The first thing I participate in in fandom was the 2010 "Anything Goes" fic meme on perfect_duet. I wrote a bunch of fills, as did other folks, but there were still many leftover. I love a challenge, so I set about writing one fic that would fill them all. Faced with an entirely blank slate, complete freedom, I freeze up, unable to think of anything at all to write. The more the field is narrowed, the more restrictions, the easier for me to find the way to navigate a course to fit *g*

I am still proud of this work, not just because I did it at all, but because I think there are lots of fun sections in it. However, the reception was not so warm. I figured out that prompters really wanted one fic to satisfy their one prompt, not a massive collection of crack that just touched on their subject :( Also, for some reason folks found it difficult to follow a fic that incorporated three AUs and 7 crossovers.

So the link above takes you to AO3, where I started re-posting it by chapter WITH EXPLANATIONS! So you can follow along at home :-) I never finished this project, but if people are interested, let me know and I can do so easily. The first chapters are most confusing and they are up - you can always read the rest back at the meme, which is linked.

3. Post Orgy

Identifying the third fic is really hard, because here I want to list like half a dozen, at least. But since The Crack House is a monster, I thought I'd include a really short almost-drabble. Typically I have a lot of trouble being concise. Still probably the best thing I've ever written *g*

Sherlock Fandom

1. Triptych

Written for thegameison_sh. All those fics were hard for me to write, due to the word limit. But they did inspire me to write quite a bit. However, none were particularly well-received (the game did very poorly in inspiring feedback, unfortunately). I am spoilt in Aubreyad fandom, because anyone who writes is guaranteed relatively high rate of feedback in our small fandom, whereas in Sherlock there is simply so so much fic it is hard to get an audience. Unless you are an awesome writer of fluffy smut. Which I am not. I can't get Sherlock to swing that way. Sherlock + fluff just doesn't make sense in my mind ;-) The closest I came was A Day. But still no smut.

Back to Triptych - it incorporates a favourite pastime of mine, musing on the philosophical concept of time, using the medium of the poetry of T.S. Eliot, who addressed the topic in his Four Quartets.

2. Entries of the Blog of Dr John H Watson

I have linked to the third chapter, which was also written for thegameison_sh. I really should have posted these as three separate fics, linked in a series. Ah well, early days in AO3. People have said I do a good John voice. Writing his blog is fun, and feels like the best way to update from the ACD canon.

3. Poetry Filks

I should have posted these poems each as a separate chapter, because I'd really like to draw your attention to the last one, which is a filk of Eliot's "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock". I think by that time people's eyes have glazed over. But (no modesty here, sorry!) for a filk I still think it was really well done. It makes perfect sense in a Sherlock way. The original is about Prufrock's - the ordinary man's - insecurity: in himself, his love, his life. But Sherlock doesn't have any of that - he is all arrogance. So the meaning is twisted, and expressions substituted, but it still works amazingly well. Because Sherlock is genius, but still oblivious to some of the crucial aspects of life for most people. Like love ;-) And so much fun to do, figuring out appropriate substitutions to make :-) Also the conclusion, the overall tone - will it all have been worth it, the ennui - fits Sherlock to a t *g*

Let us go then, you and I,
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Like a corpse autopsied upon a table...
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